job advertisement on social medias

In fact, it’s obvious that it’s worthwhile for companies that cultivate their network to share advertised job ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like. Your fans, who follow the company, thus apply to the job advertisement completely free of charge. But it goes even further. A job advertisement can also be advertised for a fee. You can restrict exactly which people should receive this job advertisement (region, education, experience, age and much more).

We at Dualoo see great potential here. Any job advertised online can be shared on social media platforms in Dualoo with just one click and the features described above become available.

  • Allow your fans to “follow” you on the social medias
  • Share your job advertisement on the social media platforms for free
  • Promote your job advertisement on social media with Job Ads

Social recruiting on career networks (Linkedin, Xing)

Social recruiting with Linkedin and Xing is one of the emerging trends and a type of active sourcing. The idea is to target the job advertisement to only suitable applicants. However, it is recommended to receive the application directly in the applicant management system using E-Recruiting, otherwise the complexity of recruitment will increase massively.

Dualoo takes exactly this approach to use Xing and Linkedin as job marketing platforms, respectively additional posting channels. Applications go directly into Dualoo and there is no need to enter them.

  • Operate social recruiting with Linkedin & Xing
  • Let your employees share your job advertisement in their networks.

Job advertisements on job markets

Currently, the most common methods of posting a job advertisement are the job markets. It is important that you find the right job market for the location and the industry. Prices vary widely and expensive does not equal good. This situation is not only difficult for recruiter, but also for applicants.

We hope that this will soon be a thing of the past as job advertisements can be found in Google search, for example. But that is not yet the case. In the meantime, Dualoo will help you at least make an evaluation of the costs and benefits of job markets.

  • Publish job postings on job markets
  • Measure costs & benefits of the job posting

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