Preselection by personnel department

It’s important to have your managers’ backs. This is usually done through the preselection pf applications by the recruiters. This way, you ensure that the managers involved in the decision only see applicant who are qualified. Ideally, a comment is written by the recruiter during preselection and sent to the superiors along with the rating. The latter can look at the comment and the application documents. Either a decision or a recommendation follows as to whether the applicant will be kept warm or invited for an interview.

With Dualoo, the recruitment can be adapted exactly to the needs of the company. Involve superiors in the decision with minimal effort.

  • Relieve the burden on your superiors through preselection
  • Provide your superiors with a good basis for decision-making in the recruitment

Staff selection with superiors

Do you collect matching dossiers and decide on a deadline? Or does recruitment run on a rolling basis at your company and almost every applicant is at a different step of the process? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but with an applicant management, it makes sense to implement a rolling recruiting process, as it significantly reduces “time-to-hire” and prevents you from losing talents unnecessarily. However, this makes staff selection much more complex, as all applicants are stuck in other places in the recruiting process.

Dualoo also makes rolling staff selection easy. This is because all ratings are included in the candidate’s matching index. This allows you to assess at any time whether there are still promising applicants in the pipeline or whether the talent that has gone through the recruiting process is the unbeatable candidate.

  • Acceleration of recruitment through rolling recruiting process
  • Simple staff selection with complex recruiting processes

Rating by superiors

With just two clicks, you can ask one or more superiors to provide a rating. Dualoo sends the link to the rating to the superiors at the right time and reminds him if the rating is not submitted within a reasonable time. This rating is incorporated into the Matching Index, which clearly identifies good talents. Subsequently, the recruiter is informed about the rating and can continue the recruiting process.

In Dualoo you can enter templates for ratings. You yourself determine the criterias to be evaluated, the weighting and the rating scale.

  • Enter different templates for ratings
  • Request evaluation from superiors

Different rating systems

Asking the right questions and paying attention to the crucial points is critical to making the right personnel decision. You can assist superiors and recruiters by enter questionnaires with criterias that are clearly organized by category. This is usually done during interviews.

One of the strengths of Dualoo are the ratings, which can be made easily. It is possible to perform structured ratings at each step, such as application receipt, interview or trial work. In the settings, you can create various templates that can then be used in the respective process step.

  • Ask the right questions in an interview
  • Evaluate according to the same criterias within a job posting

Matching Index

Matching is the comparison of the company’s requirements with the candidate’s competencies. This is often done with software-based tests that then calculate a matching index of how closely the company’s requirements match the candidate’s personality and skills.

In Dualoo, all recruiter’s and superior’s ratings are used for matching. So you can see at a glance which are your top candidates. This is done fully automatically and according to the individually defined rating scheme. Of course, this is just a tool to get an approximate order of the candidates with one click. It is important to make the personnel decision together with the superiors at the end.

  • Create a ranking list of applicants
  • Use matching technologies to recruitment

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