Optimize collaboration: Task Management

Usually, several people are involved in the recruiting process. This results in many interfaces where the recruiting process can come to a standstill. One of the most important key figures is the “Time-To-Hire”. That is, the time from the posting of a job advertisement to the acceptance of an applicant. Good applicants are quickly off the market, so you shouldn’t keep them waiting. It helps if all to do’s are combined in a task management, because only the cooperation of all involved can lead to success.

In Dualoo, the tasks are perfectly prepared for each user. You can immediately see which tasks should have already been completed and which are due in the future. HR managers can also view the tasks of all recruiters and superiors in task management and take corrective action if the recruiting process of an applicant comes to a standstill.

  • Summarize your to-do’s in a task management system
  • Optimize internal collaboration to attract good talents

Tasks & To Do Management

Recruiting includes many, but usually very small, To Do’s such as making an appointment or sending a confirmation of receipt of the application. With such a large number of tasks that usually have to be completed at exactly the right time, it is difficult to keep track of everything.

Dualoo always shows you what to do today. You plan tasks well in advance and work through daily to-do’s. This allows you to work efficiently and comfortably. In each open process step, someone is responsible for fulfilment. The same applies, of course, to the execution of ratings. So you always keep the overview.

  • Keep track of your to-do’s
  • Do the tasks at the right moment

Reminder for omissions

Dualoo monitors whether all ratings requested by the recruiter are actually completed. If this is not the case, the rater in question will receive a reminder. Timely completion of ratings has two key benefits:

  1. The situation is still well remembered and an objective rating is possible. If several days pass between a trial work or an interview and the corresponding rating, the significance of the rating suffers greatly.
  2. If an extended period of time passes unused, the risk of losing the applicant increases because the applicant has applied to several companies at the same time.
  • Perform ratings in a timely manner
  • Work with reminders

Calendar & quick appointment arrangement

Appointment arrangements costs recruiters a lot of time and nerves. Applicants can usually only be reached by phone outside of business hours. And internal, an emergency situation can arise at the last minute before the interview and the interview must be rescheduled.

When making appointments, it is advisable to have the applicant send you some appointment proposals and then compare them with his or her own calendar and that of the superiors. Once the data has been entered into Dualoo, an appointment invitation is sent to all participants. If a appointment changes, all participants will be informed by Dualoo and receive an appointment update.

  • Simplify your appointment arrangement
  • Send calendar invitations to all participants

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