Text templates for email, serial letters & contracts

In a company, the recruiting process usually follows the same pattern. In addition, the same information always appears in the communication with the applicants. For this reason, text templates are widely used in the recruiting process. It is good manners to address applicants by their last name and first name. Likewise, gender should be considered when writing. Especially with rejection letters on applications, which are always a disappointment for applicants, the company may or may not present itself in a good light.

In the settings of Dualoo you can save as many text templates as you like, which you can finally adjust when use them. This makes it possible to add personal sentences such as reasons for rejection. You then have the option to send the message as a letter or e-mail. Use our best practice templates like the rejection application, which we have created in 12 variations.

  • Create text templates for emails and letters
  • Use our best practice rejection application templates

Templates for employment contracts

In the Dualoo applicant tracking software, you can directly store employment contracts as text templates. This works the same way as with serial letters. Place our placeholders in Word of your employment contract or use our employment contract samples for training and work contracts and create it at the click of a button.

The data entered by the applicant in the online application form will be used for this purpose. This data is usually free of errors. If a typo appears when signing the contract, you can correct it within seconds and print the employment contract correctly.

  • Create an employment contract at the touch of a button
  • Use our sample employment contracts

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