Include job portal on career page as iframe

There are five common approaches to write out the job advertisement on the job portal of your website (career page). Basically, the variants 3-5 are contemporary. However, all of them have advantages and disadvantages:

1. Upload a PDF to the website

– is outdated
– is neither displayed in search engines nor by job markets

2. Place job description directly on the web page as regular content.

– is outdated
– is neither displayed in search engines nor by job markets

3. Publish jobs with a CMS (Content Management Systems) on the website.

– forces you to enter the job advertisement twice
– CMS is crucial if job advertisement is SEO optimized and mobile ready
+ gives you freedom in the design

4. Integration of a career portal via iframe of the applicant management software

+ Iframe integration is unique and completed in a very short time.
+ looks very nice, is SEO optimized and mobile ready
+ Publish job advertisements directly from the applicant management system on the website
– design is preset

Dualoo is equipped for all three contemporary options and offers a high-quality and ready-to-use solution with the Iframe.

Software as a Service (SaaS) with open interface

Dualoo is a Software as a Service SaaS solution. This means that the whole recruiting process can be done in the browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari). All you need is a tablet or a PC with Internet access. So you can work from anywhere in the world. Dualoo also has an open interface (API) that allows companies to program a connection to Dualoo.

Dualoo is state of the art and ready for networking and automation with other systems.

  • No installation required (SaaS)
  • Compatible with all major browsers

Test Dualoo 30 days free of charge and without obligation