Applicant management: job & applicant overview

In talent management, applications are stored centrally and digitally in an applicant management system. This way, all advertised jobs can be managed in one place and all incoming dossiers can be summarized in one overview. Every applicant tracking system has the goal of saving time. This is usually done by receiving applications digitally through e-recruiting, which eliminates the need to enter dossiers. Another big time saver for any applicant tracking system comes from the use of email templates, letter templates and employment contracts that can be created in the system.

Dualoo focuses on simple operation and clear functions in talent management and saves up to 70% of working time.

  • Simple operation of the applicant management
  • Clear talent management
  • Up to 70% time saving

Search and filter function in digital personnel files

The digital personal file helps to manage the application documents during the recruiting process and to present the data clearly. Conveniently search for an applicant by first name and last name and jump directly to the dossier. This is important if an applicant needs information about the status of the application process or if an appointment needs to be rescheduled. From logging in until all data is available, a maximum of 10 seconds may pass in order to leave a professional impression on the applicant.

In Dualoo it is possible to filter for all information. For example, a report can be generated on how many interviews were conducted last month. There are almost no limits to the imagination.

  • Easily search the digital personnel files
  • Find dossiers in 10 seconds.

History & Documentation with talent manager

Recruiting is essentially processing information and making decisions based on that information. Each talent receives a digital personal file in which it is visible what has already happened in the recruiting process. In addition, all emails, documents, comments and ratings are stored centrally in talent manager and can be viewed by all authorized recruiter. This also facilitates the implementation of substitutions.

Since the data is stored centrally and not at the individual recruiters, it is much easier to ensure data protection according to DSGVO. The personnel dossier sent or passed on within the company is thus clearly a thing of the past.

  • Dossier centrally stored in Talent Manager
  • Compliance with data protection through central storage

Mass email & mutation

No applicant wants a mass email and especially a mass rejection. It is clear that you must pay attention to the exact wording of a rejection letter with regard to the Equality Act. In Dualoo, for this reason, we have included the mass mail (rejection) function, which addresses the applicants in a personalized way and takes into account the gender in the letter.

We recommend that you additionally consider the following points for mass emails (rejection):

  • Create many templates for mass emails so that they fit as well as possible
  • Revise standard cancellations regularly
  • Find encouraging words
  • Send applicants you think are exciting an invitation to the talent pool with the appropriate rejection letter
  • Refer to social media channels where future job advertisement will be posted and applicants can follow you
  • Save time with mass emails
  • Send compliant rejections in accordance with the Equality Act
  • Personalized mass email

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