Social recruiting in the career network

Social media platforms such as Xing and LinkedIn focus on professional networking. Accordingly, these offer some options in recruiting (social recruiting). In this article, you will learn which advantages arise from this and how you can reach your candidates via these job networks.

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Titelbild Social Recruiting Xing & Linkedin

Social recruiting Xing & LinkedIn

Social Recruiting Linkedin

In this article, we look at the special features of career networks such as LinkedIn and Xing. Want to learn (first) about the general benefits and tips&tricks on social media recruiting? Here you can find more information about it:

In Switzerland, LinkedIn and Xing are the most important platforms for business profiles. While Xing focuses on the DACH region, LinkedIn operates worldwide.

Advantages of social media recruiting via Xing, LinkedIn & Co.

Since these networks are designed for professional topics, they are particularly suitable for recruiting employees. The following reasons speak for this:

  • You address your potential candidates in the right context. Other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are often used privately and in leisure time. Many then do not want to be confronted with professional issues.
  • On career networks, resumes / CVs are a natural part of the profile. Qualifications, experience and knowledge are also readily published and in some cases even confirmed by other users.
  • Your employees’ circle of friends or network differs depending on the platform. On career networks, people are often not (only) connected with their general circle of friends, but often with people from the same industries or with the same educational backgrounds. Therefore, if your employees share your post, you can more easily reach the right audience on job networks.
Vorteile Social Recruiting LinkedIn & Xing

Free post in feed

You can target potential applicants among your followers with a post for free. Increase and maintain your network for this purpose. If employees also share or like the post, the reach increases. At the same time, this allows you to reach exactly the right target group.

For example: Let’s say you’re looking for an addition to your IT team. The computer scientist in the company usually has many computer scientists in his business network, e.g. from his studies or previous employment. If he now shares or likes the post, you reach this contact circle, which belongs exactly to your target group.

Posts can also be advertised for a fee, so that they appear as an ad more frequently and precisely to the defined target group.

Paid job advertisement

Especially for companies with not so many followers, paid job ads are an exciting alternative. This way you will not only reach your followers, but also people who don’t know you yet, but who correspond to your target group. So here, too, you reach the desired target group. In addition, the published jobs are directly proposed to suitable candidates with the appropriate qualifications.

Active sourcing

Active Sourcing

With active sourcing, you as an employer approach your candidates directly. This can be done in advance to build up a suitable candidate pool or directly when a vacant position arises.

As mentioned above, information on candidates’ careers and qualifications is available on career networks such as Xing and LinkedIn. This enables a targeted search for promising applicants, who are then approached directly and personally. LinkedIn offers a tool for this: LinkedIn Recruiter. This can be used, among other things, to start detailed searches for specific categories such as or knowledge, etc.

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