Individual recruiting process

Every company has a secret recipe for recruitment and usually an individual recruiting process. That is right and important. The recruiting process provides an opportunity to stand out from the competition and attract the best talents. In most cases, the speed and reliability of the hiring process will determine whether a good talent chooses to join your company.

With Dualoo you can map all application processes. Text templates and rating systems can be linked to the freely configurable step in the recruiting process and offer all possibilities to map your individual application process.

  • Map your individual recruiting process
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors with your application process

Recruitment for multiple locations

Centralized recruitment is when a company hires staff from one location for multiple branches. This contrasts with decentralized recruiting, in which branches perform the entire recruiting process without the insight or help of a service center. In order to carry out centralized recruitment, it must be possible to map the company structure in the applicant tracking system.

In Dualoo you can enter unlimited locations and departments and assign internal employees to departments and advertised jobs to locations. Who has access to which dossier is determined when the job posting is entered and regulated with additional roles.

  • Recruitment for multiple locations
  • Different recruiting processes possible at different locations

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