Application form customize to the job

Are you receiving too many or too few applications? This is almost the norm. As a rule, companies receive very few applications for highly qualified or specialized positions. The situation is completely different as soon as you want to hire a part-time clerk. One way to counteract this effect is to make it easier or more difficult to apply online. Depending on the position, it is advisable to request more or less data in the application form.

Nothing easier than that. In Dualoo, you can create as many application forms as you want and have them available for selection when you post a job.

  • Different fields in the application form, depending on the job
  • Prevent too many or too few applicants with a suitable application form

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for online application

Modern applicant management systems include an ATS or Applicant Tracking System. Here you can see through which channel an application has come and whether it is an internal or external application. The Applicant Tracking System is the heart of an applicant management system and enables detailed evaluation to take professional marketing measures and calculate the cost-benefit of job advertisements.

Dualoo differs from other e-recruitment software in that, within the framework of employee branding, not only an application but also upstream steps (e.g. information events, visits to trade fairs or trial apprenticeships) can be advertised online.

  • See where applicants are coming from with the Applicant Tracking System
  • Optimize your advertising costs and continuously improve job postings
  • Also write out information events, trade fair visits and trial apprenticeships online

Receive unsolicited applications online

Processing unsolicited applications is an important but also difficult part of applicant management. As a rule, it is the “fans” of the company who send an unsolicited application. They are willing to give top performance for the company and identify with your product or corporate culture.

In Dualoo, you can create a job posting with the name Spontaneous application or Unsolicited application and set the start date “by appointment”. Applicants who complete the application form via e-recruiting can then be assigned to a suitable position in Dualoo. If there are no suitable jobs available, they may be invited to join a talent pool. In this case, the candidate will be automatically proposed at the next suitable job posting and you can inform him/her about the new job posting at the push of a button.

  • Allow unsolicited applications via the career page on the website
  • Include good unsolicited applicants in the talent pool
  • Inform the unsolicited applicants in the talent pool about suitable job postings

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