Career portal on website and intranet

It is common to post job advertisements on the company’s website in a career portal. The way you do this should set you apart from the competition. Your website with the career portal is a business card for the company and the first impression that the applicant receives from you. But why advertise the job when you have a suitable candidate internal? It’s important to give internal candidates a head start. After all, if you don’t have to advertise, you’ll save money and motivate a talent already working for you.

In about 30 minutes, you will prepare your website and intranet so that jobs created in Dualoo can be published on the intranet and website. If the career portals are integrated, you can control which jobs are displayed on the website and intranet directly in Dualoo without any effort.

  • Post job ads in the career portal on your website and intranet
  • Give internal talents a head start in the application process

SEO optimized career portal

If you publish a job advertisement on the career portal of your website, it is very important that it is search engine optimized (SEO). Search engines scan your website regularly and recognize content and job advertisements if they are prepared accordingly. Candidates can find SEO-optimized job advertisements on Google Search and platforms like Indeed without you having to advertise them separately on these job markets.

One less thing to worry about once you start working with Dualoo. Job advertisements are SEO optimized. All the information you enter in the job posting is prepared as metadata and you appear as prominently as possible in the search results.

  • Ensure that your job advertisements also appear as results via search engines
  • Make sure your job advertisements are automatically posted on major job markets like Indeed
  • Use metadata

Responsive and mobile-enabled career portal

It is very important that applicants can also apply to you via their smartphone. Make sure the application form the applicant fills out is mobile-friendly and responsive. Responsive means that it always adapts optimally to the respective resolution of the end device. The job search via smartphone has long since become a reality and will gain in importance in the future.

All application forms created in Dualoo and thus also reached via their career portal, the intranet, job markets and social medias are responsive and thus mobile-enabled. Dualoo also allows only possible data and checks, for example, whether the address exists on Google Maps, whether the email address contains an @ and much more. Some data, such as date of birth, can be entered using checkboxes, which is easier to enter and improves data quality for you.

  • Your career portal must be responsive
  • The input mask, which applicants fill out, must be optimized for smartphones
  • Make sure that the data quality in the online application is high

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