Recruitment languages (candidate communication)

Whether you’re posting a job in one language or even multiple foreign languages, it’s important to tailor the entire candidate experience to the applicants. This includes not only the job advertisement, but also the application form, all mail templates and so on.

Dualoo is currently available in the following languages: English, French and German. Not only can you make the job advertisement multilingual, but you can also benefit from many best practice templates (email, document templates, evaluation criteria and much more).

  • Post jobs multilingually
  • Addressing candidates in the preferred language
  • automatic confirmation of receipt in the correct language

Languages in the account (user interface)

For multilingual companies, it is important that each employe can work in software using the language they understand best. This can reduce misunderstandings due to language barriers.

In Dualoo, each user (“employees”) can individually decide in which language the personal user interface is displayed. This is independent of the language in which the jobs are advertised or how to communicate with applicants. Currently, German, English and French are available.

  • Define main language of the account
  • Each user can choose his language individually.
  • no additional costs for standard languages

Languages in Dualoo Support

Do you have questions about Dualoo? Our free support will be happy to help you in German and English. In addition, a comprehensive Help Center is available in German, English and French.

  • free support in German and English
  • Help Center in English, French and German
  • available via all channels (chat, email or phone)

Test Dualoo 30 days free of charge and without obligation