Email templates

E-Recruiting means nothing other than electronic recruitment. This also facilitates communication with the applicants. Since E-Recruiting activities are digital, it is possible to enter email templates that can be used, for example, as an invitation to an interview or as a rejection.

In Dualoo you can enter as many email templates as you want. We also provide you with our best practice email templates that you can customize to suit your needs. It is also possible to send them as letters.

  • Enter Email Templates for E-Recruiting
  • Use Best Practice Email Templates

Send emails with a time delay

You will receive an application via e-recruiting. Since you have time right now, you will do the preselection immediately. In the process, you discover that the applicant does not fit this job posting . Rejection shortly after receipt is very rude and makes the applicant feel that the dossier review was not done properly. There are also recruiters who have a preferred day to send rejections to applicants.

Dualoo therefore offers the possibility to send e-mails with a time delay. This way, everything can be prepared and the same dossier does not have to be picked up twice and unnecessary reminders are eliminated.

  • Send rejections with a time delay
  • Pay attention to the right time for a rejection

Form letter & sample employment contract

Email templates, form letters and sample employment contracts make it much easier for any recruiter to communicate with applicants. After compiling the documents, a large part of the work is done. However, it is important to review and adjust these documents on a regular basis.

In addition to email templates, you can also enter serial letters and employment contracts in Dualoo. At the push of a button, the personal data is entered into the form letter or the work contract. Use a sample employment contract or place our placeholders in your employment contract and upload it as a template in Dualoo.

  • Create your employment contracts with the click of a button
  • Use a sample employment contract

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