Online application with automatic confirmation of receipt of the application

Since May 25, 2018, it has been mandatory in recruitment to send the applicant an confirmation of receipt of the application within a reasonable period of time according to the GDPR. It must include a description of how the application can be withdrawn or deleted. In addition to being a legal obligation in recruitment, it is also a way of enhancing the company’s image and is perceived by applicants as professional.

Dualoo automatically sends a confirmation of receipt when an application is received. This will help you make a good first impression.

  • Send confirmation of receipt to the applicants
  • Compliance with legal obligations in recruitment

Handling paper applications

Depending on the industry, the age of the applicant or even the profession, paper applications still occur. Allow applicants who are not yet so digital to submit a paper application. It may mean a little more work for you, but there are good qualified applicants especially in manufacturing facilities or construction that prefer this application channel.

Easily enter the applicant into Dualoo with little data and upload the scanned documents into the e-dossier. Easily enter the applicant into Dualoo with little data and upload the scanned documents into the e-dossier. We strongly recommend that you mention that the recommended application channel is online, but paper application will also be considered.

  • Recommend the online application as an application channel
  • Also allow a paper application for non-digital talents

Detect duplicates

In recruitment, it is a problem when there are duplicate records or duplicates of application documents. Particularly in vocational training, trial apprenticeships are carried out before the actual application process. Duplicate detection is indispensable to have an overview.

Dualoo automatically detects that an applicant already has a dossier in the applicant management. In the case of paper applications by matching first name and last name as you type. In E-Recruiting, when submitting the application form, where the data is of course automatically merged.

  • Recognize duplicates in recruitment
  • Automatic merging of duplicates in E-Recruiting

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