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Since we have several apprenticeships advertised and the applications are looked at and rated by different people, Dualoo helps us a lot. Every responsible person has an overview of who has done what or has to do what, we save paper and time and, above all, the applicants receive immediate feedback!

Jeannette Germann, Stadtverwaltung St.Gallen

Since mid-2015, my team and I have been gaining experience with the Dualoo recruiting tool. These are positive throughout. The different processes could be created without any problems. In general, Dualoo is very simple and intuitive to use. However, if any questions arise, the Dualoo AG team is quick and competent to help. Since the introduction of Dualoo, our administrative time has been massively reduced.

Ivo Riedi, SFS Services AG

Dualoo helps us to quickly handle the daily correspondence with our prospects. Dualoo is innovative and always evolving.

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