Simple job posting

Job postings follow strict rules. In short, the applicant must be able to recognize whether this job description suits him or her or not. If it is not attractive and structured, your job advertisement will get lost in the crowd. It is also important to use the exact technical terms for skills and requirements, as many applicants already search for jobs in search engines.

Dualoo helps you create simple, accurate and SEO-optimized job advertisements. For each job description, include the responsibilities, requirements and what you offer. The job description is automatically available for the next identical job, so you can continuously improve it and differentiate yourself from other companies.

  • Use technical terms in the job advertisement
  • Beautiful and structured job description
  • Briefly describe responsibility, requirements, your company and what you offer

Design your job advertisement

PDF job advertisements have been replaced in recent years by HTML texts that are integrated directly into your website or job application portal. These are also searchable by search engines and can be enriched with metadata about the job (location / salary / terms of employment, etc.). As a result, one and the same job advertisement appears in many job search engines and is also found with search engines.

Dualoo’s candidate management is based on the industry standard to share your job ad with the leading job platforms with just a few clicks. With the help of pictures and videos about the company or job, you can make the job advertisement modern and attractive.

  • Create HTML job ads to work optimally with all job portals
  • Enrich the job advertisements with images and videos

Multi Channel Job Posting

Multi-channel job posting is about placing the job advertisements in many places. The website and intranet, job platforms, search engines, social media channels and print media are important. Then you evaluate from which channels the best applicants came and how expensive it was to advertise on each channel. Thanks to e-recruitment, all paths lead directly to the applicant tracking system.

Dualoo provides you with targeted support. The major costs are currently incurred in advertising the job. Thanks to applicant tracking, you know who came from where and how to optimize your job posting in the future. Our goal is also to be able to make BigData suggestions for advertising channels in order to recruit even more efficiently.

  • Place your job advertisements in various job portals
  • Measure where the most suitable applicants come from
  • In the future, Dualoo can propose you advertising options based on BigData

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