Applicant management & E-Recruiting with Dualoo

The features at a glance

Create job posting & distribute advertisement

Job description, requirements, responsibilities and benefits can be easily stored and an advertisement can be designed.

Filling out a form is most convenient for the applicant and most efficient for companies.

Post your job on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and other social media’s.

Direct candidates from all job platforms directly into the applicant tracking system Dualoo.

Career portal on website & intranet

Publish all advertised jobs on your website and or intranet with one click.

Dualoo’s career portal is fully mobile-enabled and SEO-optimized. This ensures that applicants find you.

Embedding the iframe is simple and fast. Or you can program yourself with our open interface.

So that applicant do not have to repeatedly enter the same data, you will soon receive their own account.

Acquire & receive more applicants

Fulfill the legal obligation to send a confirmation of receipt – completely automatic.

Of course, you can also enter the applications yourself if paper applications are still common in your industry.

Dualoo’s duplicate detection puts together what belongs together instantly and automatically.

Manage applications & Talent Management

Reach vacancies, dossiers, job applications and pending ratings in 2-clicks.

Use the quick navigation to jump directly to the right dossier by entering the first or last name.

Every action is stored in Dualoo in a traceable way and makes recruiting in the team and substitutions much easier.

Once the job is filled, you can reject the open applications and inform the candidates with just a few clicks.

Screening by HR sorts out unsuitable applications and makes the line manager’s job easier.

If a rating is pending, the line receives an e-mail at the right moment with the link to the intuitive rating scheme.

All ratings can be mapped in Dualoo and flow into a comparable rating incl. ranking list.

Do you want to schedule rejections? No problem. Thanks to e-mail parsing, replies also appear directly in Dualoo.

Always the same e-mails, letters and contracts can be created with one click and then be edited.

In Dualoo you can immediately see who has which tasks open and whether everything is on track. If not, of course Dualoo reminds you.

If you arrange an interview or a trial work, all involved persons receive an appointment invitation.

Settings & Customization

With Dualoo, ALL processes in recruitment can be mapped.

You can recruit centrally for one location or decentrally for many locations.

Work with our best practice templates or customize them to fit your corporate identity.

Recruit in German, French and English and define the user interface individually.

Assign rights directly on the advertised job. Additional authorizations are organized in roles.

Specify how many days after a rejection personal data will be anonymized. Statistics remain possible.

Evaluations, Statistics & Reporting

You can enter all evaluations and reports in Dualoo with the sophisticated filter system.

Test Dualoo 30 days free of charge and without obligation