User rights and roles

In the long term, it is more promising if superiors and employees are involved in the recruiting process. However, you need to make sure that data protection is respected and that HR relieves your superiors in the recruitment process. Superiors need to be able to focus on their core responsibilities. This sounds like a contradiction, but it is not. Dualoo solves this with sophisticated user rights.

User rights are divided into three roles:
Evaluator: superiors and employees can be specifically invited to participate in ratings by recruiters. Raters don’t need any training, as Dualoo sends them a link to a rating sheet at the right moment, which can be filled out intuitively.
Recruiter: can see the personnel files of the positions that he or she recruits and is authorized.
Admin: can edit settings

  • Compliance with data protection through user rights and roles in Dualoo
  • Involve superiors in the recruitment process without the need for training

Dossier anonymization & email archiving

According to the DSG (CH) and DSGVO (EU), the right to be forgotten is also relevant in recruitment. This means that applicants who reapply 6 months after a rejection should be given another chance without considering the results of the first hiring process. But even after this time, it must be possible to perform evaluations of the application process. This will help you determine how the recruiting process can be optimized for the next job posting.

6 months after the rejection Dualoo anonymizes the dossiers automatically. This way, the data remains in the system for evaluations. However, it is no longer possible to draw conclusions about the applicant. At the same time, e-mail archiving is done.

  • Take care of a GDPR compliant data protection
  • Perform regular or automated email archiving of applicants

GDPR compliant data protection

The GDPR has a significant impact on recruitment. It defines particularly sensitive data and contains the right to be forgotten as well as regulations concerning active sourcing and online applications. Failure to comply with these rules can result in a heavy fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual sales, if higher. Of course, where there’s no plaintiff there’s no judge, but if that happens, it can be very painful.

The functions in Dualoo are developed DSGVO (EU) and DSG (CH) compliant. This means that our functions are located within the DSGVO/DSG legislation. Of course, a legal case can always arise from untrained employees in the HR department, but as a rule, the use of Dualoo ensures a DSGVO/DSG-compliant recruitment process.

  • DSGVO compliant functions in Dualoo
  • Train your employees about the GDPR

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