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You want a user-friendly and simple applicant management to advertise your vacancies? At the same time, do you want your entire personnel recruitment to be data protection compliant? With Dualoo, you can do both with ease.

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What laws must be observed?

Application documents are particularly sensitive data. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to data protection compliance and to know which laws must be observed.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since May 25, 2018. The law regulates the processing of personal data but also the data traffic within the European Union. Since most companies in Switzerland have interfaces with the EU, these companies are also affected. For example, it is almost impossible to ensure that a vacant job in a company based in Switzerland will not receive applications from persons in the EU.

The Swiss Federal Data data protection act (DPA) is currently being revised and it is expected that the revised DPA will be similar to the GDPR so that data transfers between Switzerland and the EU will continue to be straightforward.

GDPR in E-Recruiting

Right to be forgotten in E-Recruiting

Right to be forgotten

The GDPR also defined the right to be forgotten in the area of recruitment. It means that 6 months after receiving a rejection, applicants should be given another chance. Thus, no knowledge from a previous recruiting process may be taken into account. In order to nevertheless ensure that certain evaluations can be made in the area of personnel recruitment, all data must be anonymized.

This anonymization or deletion of data is almost impossible to implement without a software solution if Excel lists of applicants are kept for overview purposes, or application dossiers are forwarded internal by e-mail or copies of paper application.

Checklist applicant tracking system

When evaluating an E-Recruiting software or applicant tracking system, check not only the functional requirements but also the legal as well as company-specific requirements. In the legal sense, the software provider is a commissioned data processor, which must be set out in a contract.

The following points should be included in your evaluation:

  • Data storage in Switzerland (Swiss hosting) with ISO 27001 certification
  • Contract as commissioned data processor
  • DPA & GDPR compliant data protection policy and terms of use
  • Technical and Organizational Measures (TOM)
  • Access control (authorizations in the software)
  • End to end encryption
  • Security backups

Checklist for data protection when evaluating E-Recruiting software

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