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Optimize your apprentice recruitment easily and conveniently with Dualoo – the #1 software for training companies. Assess trial apprenticeships or career explorations as a team and provide professional feedback to students. Find the most suitable talents for your training company.

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Trial apprenticeship / short internship / career exploration

Evaluate students’ trial apprenticeships, career explorations or short internships according to the apprenticeship and your company’s own evaluation criteria. Alternatively, use our best practice criterias, as a basis for rating trial apprentices.

The assessments can be made by several people and can be completed with comments or even with tips and recommendations for the trial apprentice. In this way, the students not only gain an insight into their desired profession, but also receive professional and helpful feedback from the side of the training company. At the same time, you receive a comprehensive impression of the trial apprentice and can make the subsequent decision based on this team assessment.

Manage and rate trial apprenticeships with Dualoo

Letter and email templates for apprentice recruitment in Dualoo

Letter / Email Templates

In Dualoo we have many letter and email templates already prepared for you. In Dualoo’s settings, you can save as many additional text templates as you like or customize ours to your liking.

The confirmation of receipt or patience letter is automatically sent to the applicant immediately after the online application is received. You will also find templates for invitations to interviews, trial apprenticeships or various rejection letters. With the personalized text templates you simplify your communication and yet address your candidates personally.

Online application

With one click you can post your apprenticeships on your company website. In addition, you can publish your apprenticeships on external apprenticeship application portals such as LENA (, gateway-one or Yousty and also on all social media channels.

Not only does this give you more reach, but all applications are then received directly online in Dualoo, eliminating the need for you to enter the dossiers manually. However, paper applications can also be easily captured in Dualoo so that all apprentices documents are centrally located in one place.

In addition to the possibility of receiving applications directly online, Dualoo also offers the function that trial apprenticeships, career explorations and short internships can be advertised directly on the company website and students can register for them.

Online application with the Dualoo apprenticeship portal

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