Video interview in E-Recruiting

Do you want to do a short screening with your applicants as a preselection or do you want to do the complete recruiting process remotely and digitally? In both cases, videos are an optimal tool. The current COVID-19 pandemic is forcing this issue on HR departments right now. Therefore, below you will find an overview and help to get started with video interviews.

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Different videos in recruiting

Some applicant management software have an integrated tool for conducting video interviews. But even without the use of an integrated system or software, the use of video interviews is available to HR departments.

There are many different video variants that are used in E-Recruiting.

  • Video application
  • Live video conversation
  • On Demand Video / Recorded Video

The most common variant of video calls are live video calls. During the live video call, all participants (applicants as well as recruiters and line managers) log into the same video call. The video can then be held in real time but independent of location.


  • Applicants and recruiter do not have to be in the same location
  • On the company side, employees do not have to be physically located in the same place either (e.g. if central HR is responsible for different locations)
  • Reduction of time to hire (e.g. due to faster scheduling)
  • Due to the time saved, more interviews can be conducted early in the recruiting process


  • Technical requirements to conduct a video interview can be challenging as well as unfamiliar for candidates as well as for the recruiting team
  • There may be a feeling of an impersonal recruiting process on the part of the candidate
  • Possibly unfamiliar and difficult to switch to video even for experienced recruiter

Possible use cases

There are, of course, the most diverse uses of videos in the field of recruiting. Listed below are some possibilities as idea inputs.

Live Video Interview

  • Video interview for interviews
  • As a conference video call to get to know the whole team

On Demand Video / Recorded Video

  • Candidate introduction as an addition to the application as a video
  • Virtual company tour incl. Presentation of the future workplace
  • Questioning via video message to the candidates and also the answers recorded as video

Man from above in front of screen

Tool recommendations

We recommend first and foremost to use tools that are already in use in the company. From our own experience, we can recommend Google Hangouts (Google Meet) or Demodesk as tools.

In general, with any video variant, it should be noted that detailed instructions are already sent with the invitation. So that the candidates can also prepare themselves accordingly and know what the technical requirements are and what the procedure is.

Whenever possible, there should also be a variant to check and test the technical requirements in advance.

Here you can find more tools, which are in use at our company.

Of course, there are also countless free as well as paid alternatives:

  • Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Teamviewer
  • Video call with Whatsapp or Facetime
  • etc.

The following companies can also recruit and conduct video interviews from their home offices:

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