Homeworking tools for SMEs

It is not only during pandemics such as COVID19 that companies should offer their employees the option of working from home. Below are our experiences with suitable, inexpensive or free tools for SMEs, which simplify working from.

  • Tool overview
  • Digital collaboration
  • Homeworking for SMEs
  • Remote recruiting

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Our working from home experiences

After the foundation and especially during the development of Dualoo, it was important to enable location-independent work. As a software company developing a web application, this was obvious. In the following, we will go into some of the tools that are important for us, which can of course also be adapted for other industries and SMEs.

When evaluating tools, we considered the following criterias:

  • Access from anywhere must be guaranteed
  • Costs / Benefits
  • Interfaces to our core systems
  • Data protection according to DSG and DSGVO

For productive homeworking you need the right tools

Best Practices Tool Tips

  • Internal data storage (30 GB cloud storage per user)
  • E-mail, calendar
  • Office (Docs and Sheet etc.)
  • Link
  • Complete internal communication
  • Link
  • Banking, Finances, Quotation
  • Payroll
  • Link
  • Web-based telephone system (VoIP) enables telephony via PC or laptop.
  • There is also an app for the cell phone.
  • Link
  • Heart of our sales process
  • “Data pot” from Dualoo
  • Link
  • Customer support and ticket tool
  • Link
  • Online meeting tool for customer support for sharing the screen without installation
  • Link
  • Project management for software development
  • Task management for all employees
  • Link
  • Applicant Management
  • Link

Homeworking considerations for HR departments

Besides the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many reasons that support working from home. Whether this is to offer employees more freedom and flexibility in general to promote their work-life balance, or to better cover exceptions and emergencies (traffic breakdown, childcare, etc.).

It therefore makes sense for HR and management to consider this issue. Regulations on homeworking should also be set out in the work regulations. As a prerequisite, software and tools must meet the technical requirements.

Of course, our own product Dualoo is also accessible as a web application directly in the browser at any time from anywhere. This means that even smaller SMEs can organize the recruitment of new employees easily and conveniently.

The following companies can also recruit during working from home:

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