Online applications – very simple in Dualoo

Tired of manually creating applications in an Excel list or tediously managing them in a shared email inbox? With Dualoo’s applicant management, you receive all applications online. Automatically find all candidates in your digital candidate management. This will not only speed up the application process but also your entire recruitment.

  • Online application
  • Digital applicant management
  • Individual application forms
  • Career page on the company website

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Online application in Dualoo

Jobs can be placed directly on the company website, on various job portals or on social media portals. An application form allows candidates to apply online from all channels. This eliminates the need for HR departments to record dossiers. The application documents are received directly in their central and digital file storage. After the preselection, the dossiers can then be forwarded to the department heads with a single click. This not only saves you time when entering data and provides you with an overview, but also complies with the latest data protection regulations.

Dualoo shows you the number of applications received per application channel. This enables an evaluation of the individual channels.

Receive online applications with Dualoo without the hassle of data entry

Generate Letter and Email Templates in Dualoo

Email templates

Use the email and letter templates to simplify communication with applicants. Thanks to various placeholders, address candidates personally, despite standardized templates. When an online application is received, a confirmation of receipt is automatically sent by e-mail. All our templates are already stored for you as best practice in the Dualoo test account. More templates can be added easily.

Emails can also be sent to candidates on a delayed basis, this is used especially for rejections. Also, sending mass rejections is a helpful feature, especially after the position has been filled.

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