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With Dualoo, you not only enjoy all the benefits of a modern and simple applicant tracking software by speeding up the recruiting process and appearing professional towards applicants, but you also save a lot of time and money.

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Comparison of E-Recruiting with classic recruiting

E-Recruiting compared to classic recruiting

Digital methods of recruitment (e-recruiting) are shown to be more effective than classic methods in comparison. An average SME saves over 60% with E-Recruiting, the cost can vary from company to company and also depending on the industry and job.

One of the most important metrics to show this cost savings is Cost-Per-Hire (i.e., the overall cost of a single hire). This calculation includes external costs (e.g. job advertisements) as well as internal costs (e.g. direct personnel costs).

The number of applications received per application channel (company website, job application portal or social media) can be easily evaluated in Dualoo. This makes it possible not only to determine the relevant key figures per channel, but also to minimize future recruitment costs on the basis of this.

General advantages of an applicant tracking system

  • Minimum recruitment costs

  • Optimization of the recruiting process

  • Better overview & easier evaluation

  • Standardized yet personalized applicant communication

  • Time savings in admin (no dossier entry)

Costs with Dualoo

Dualoo’s transparent pricing model makes top recruitment software affordable even for SMEs.

One of the great advantages of Dualoo is its quick and easy implementation. Thanks to best practice templates in the application process and various e-mail and letter templates, the Dualoo web application is already ready for use in the test account within 5 minutes.

For the company-specific adjustments and also the training of the admin, 4 hours are sufficient for companies with up to 100 employees. To complement the face-to-face online webinars, Dualoo has a training center that provides relevant training content on a role-based basis.

Costs E-Recruiting with Dualoo

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