Digitize the application process

Digitization has long been influencing everyday private and professional life. It is also making its way into HR departments and especially into the application process. But can you already call your recruiting process digital if the applications come in by e-mail and you keep an Excel list of them?

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LP Rekrutierungsprozess digitalisieren

Digitize the application process – step by step

The possibilities for digitizing the recruiting process are versatile and also constantly changing. What is standard today could be obsolete tomorrow. But the bottom line is that a different process and level of digitization is appropriate for each company. HR managers are therefore asking themselves: Which process steps can be digitized and how?


  • Job advertisement as pdf
  • Manual publication on own homepage & various job portals

Digital and data protection compliant alternative:


  • Applications by mail or e-mail

Digital and data protection compliant alternative:

  • Application receipt in the recruitment tool
  • Applications via forms on the company website


  • Sending applications to line manager (physically or by e-mail)

Digital and data protection compliant alternative:

  • Shared repository for collaboration (e.g.: SharePoint)
  • Applicant tracking system (advantage: role-based access)


  • Mail or even letter sending

Digital and data protection compliant alternative:

  • work with standardized yet individualized templates
  • Sending and filing directly in an e-recruiting tool


  • Physically on site at the company or via telephone

Digital and data protection compliant alternative:

  • Via video conference


  • By mail or e-mail

Digital and data protection compliant alternative:

  • Via recruitment tool

Job posting & application receipt

For the job posting it is important to choose diverse channels suitable for the target group. The increasingly important social medias for job seekers such as Linkedin or the search via Google (Google for Jobs) should also play a role. With multiposting the job can be posted on various job portals simultaneously with just a few clicks.

Tip: If the application is to be made via mail or recruitment tool, note this on the homepage or in the job advertisement. In this way, postal applications and the associated manual data entry effort can be avoided.

Selection by HR and line manager

Sending applications to the line managers via mail can lead to a veritable flood of e-mails, depending on the number of vacancies. It is difficult to keep track of everything. There are various ways to organize yourself in the e-mail program (working with categories, individual folders, etc.).

The critical point with selection via mail is data protection and access rights. If the applications end up in various inboxes due to forwarding, the “right to be forgotten” cannot be guaranteed, among other things.

A recruitment tool offers an alternative. This makes it possible to invite superiors to ratings in a data protection compliant manner and to display the feedback clearly and in one place.

Communication with the applicants

Fast and individual communication with candidates is essential for the candidate experience as well as for an efficient recruitment process.

Templates can be stored in the most common mail programs. However, if the e-mails end up in various inboxes and are also stored, this procedure can hardly be implemented in compliance with data protection regulations.

This is where an applicant management tool can provide you with optimal support. In the settings you can store your mail templates. Using placeholders, the existing data is then inserted directly when the mail is sent (e.g. automatic generation of the salutation). This enables fast and personalized communication with the applicant. Moreover, due to the individual access assignment and the automatic anonymization, a data protection compliant recruitment is no problem.

Kommunikation mit Bewerber*innen

Interview & trial apprenticeship

Can the video interview really replace the physical job interview, the selection phone call or the trial apprenticeship? Probably never complete. But for a first impression, for example:

  • with a task presented online by the candidate or
  • from the company as a virtual company tour

this can be a possibility and bring variety into the recruiting process.

Acceptance / Rejection

Although the common mail programs with templates already simplify acceptances and rejections enormously, recruitment tools offer even more advantages:

  • immediate automatic confirmation of receipt

  • enter emails incl. templates

  • send mass rejections

  • enter contracts and cover letters incl. templates

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