Checklist for the content of your job posting

A job posting represents the company to the outside world. It is also intended to arouse interest. It must therefore contain the most important information and still be short and crisp.

  • Content of a job posting

  • Gender neutral wording

  • Honest and transparent job advertisement

  • Receive more applications

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Overview content job posting

The content of a job posting is individual depending on the job and the company. Thus, sometimes colorful and flashy, sometimes simple and functional. In any case, your job advertisement should have the following content. The goal is to give a potential applicant the most important information at a glance.

  • Short and sweet
  • Use professional titles:
    Studies show that this is what job seekers look for most often.
  • Avoid company internal terms
  • Arouse interest for job and company
  • Specify place of work and/or start of employment

What activities does the job include?

  • Tasks and activities of the position
  • Use of technical terms allowed, as applicants should be familiar with the subject matter
  • Honest and transparent

What is expected of the candidate?

  • Must criterias (“mandatory”)
  • Should criterias (“of advantage”)
  • In the case of specifically desired school or educational degrees, also specify exact degree

What does the company offer?

Advantages of the employer (e.g.: flexible working hours, further training)

What’s next?

  • Information for questions
  • Indication of how application should be made (mail, letter, online)
  • Explanation application process
  • Link to recruitment software
  • Call for applications

What should you pay special attention to in the content of your job posting?

The job advertisement should be worded in a gender-appropriate manner, from the title to the contact details. This means that in addition to the masculine and feminine, the gender-neutral form must also be used. For example, this is already mandatory in Germany, since January 2019 for employers under the General Equal Treatment Act (§ 1 AGG). This can be integrated, for example, with one of the following suggestions:

  • Project Manager (m/f/d) → d for divers

  • Project Manager (all genders)

  • Fireman/woman → Firefighter

  • Salesman/woman → Salesperson

Do not use wording that may discriminate against applicants based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or disability. For example, you should not look for a “young” personality. In addition, it is better to refer to “fluency in German” rather than “native language: German”.

Content job posting_people of different origin and gender

Clearly indicate the channel through which you would like to receive the application. In this way, you avoid unnecessary data entry effort. Finally, if possible, you don’t want to receive physical applications when you actually process them all by mail or through software.

Formulate the tasks of the job honestly and transparently. Otherwise, there may be unpleasant surprises during the probationary period at the latest. You can save yourself the effort of repeated recruiting if you refrain from exaggeratedly positive statements right from the start.

Are you receiving too few applications in response to a job advertisement?

There is a shortage of skilled workers in certain industries and profession. The bottom line is that this is reflected in a low number of applications for corresponding positions. All the more reason to keep the following in mind when creating a job posting:

  • What is your target audience looking for in the title? Choose the name of the job posting accordingly. Studies show that very often people search for the name of profession or education. Take the test and enter your title ideas into the search engines. Are you getting the results you want? Alternatively, you can also use tools that help you with keyword searches (e.g. Google Trends).

  • Create SEO optimized job advertisement. Use your defined keywords in the job title and meta description. Your marketing managers can help you with any questions you may have.

  • Reduce the must-have requirements. Focus on the can-do requirements.

  • Also, consider where your target audience is looking for jobs. Try other channels or platforms.

  • Continually improve the content of your job posting. Check the success of your changes based on the return of applications.

Job advertisement_too few applications

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