Best practices recruiting process template

Would you like to visualize and map your recruiting process? Especially in the evaluation phase or in a general review of processes and procedures, it can be very helpful to analyze and present the different steps in the application process.

Our recruiting process template is based on best practices from everyday recruiting. All process steps are depicted, from creating and publishing the job advertisement, through interviews and trial work, to acceptance or rejection.

A flowchart is an excellent basis for presenting, analyzing and optimizing the application process. You can either use our sample template directly in this way or use the template as a basis and extend it with additional process steps.

To reflect the specifics of apprentice recruitment, two different processes are shown in the Word template. This flow chart also integrates any upstream process steps such as vocational explorations or trial apprenticeships.

Man draws flowchart on a glass pane

We have the solution for you!

Do you want to map your recruiting process very simply? Our best practice template will help you in a very simple and straightforward way.

Your advantages:

  • best practice / template as Word
  • 1x template specifically for apprentice recruitment
  • 1x template specifically for employee recruitment
  • perfect for newcomers
  • new inputs and ideas

Download the best practice for the recruiting process now

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