E-Recruitment- definition and use

What is E-Recruitment and what are the advantages? How can the application process be digitized? What is there to consider with the various posting channels (job platforms, social media, etc.)? We answer these and other exciting questions in the following article.

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E-Recruiting mit Dualoo

Definition E-Recruitment

E-Recruitment is the term used to describe digital recruitment. In the process, processes related to recruitment are digitized. Digital aids and tools play a central role here.

The aim is to simplify and shorten these processes. This can save time and money. Recruiters can focus on people and not waste their resources in administrative tasks. If you also optimize the processes from the point of view of the company AND the applicant at the same time, this increases the quality and thus ultimately also the attractiveness to potential applicants.

Bewerbungsprozess digitalisieren

Digitize the recruitment process – step by step

E-Recruitment affects the entire recruiting process:

  • Advertisement entry & job posting
  • Application receipt
  • Selection by HR & line manager
  • Communication with applicants
  • Interviews, trial apprenticeships & Co.
  • Acceptances & rejections

Learn how to digitize all these areas step by step in this article:

Focus on tender channels

There are a variety of possible job platforms and posting options. Therefore, think about the channels on which you can find your target group and how you can address them specifically. Here we have summarized the most important options.

Not only for your products, but also for you as an employer, your own homepage serves as an important information channel. In addition to the vacancies, it is also advisable to include other key points about the company and its employees, the benefits and the recruiting process specify.

There is a huge selection to choose from when it comes to job markets. In addition to general job markets, there are also many specialized platforms that specifically contain jobs by certain industries, regions, or education levels. Pick the most appropriate platforms for your target audience. These can also vary depending on the job.

On social media you can present yourself as an employer, publish jobs for free or for a fee, and also actively search for suitable candidates. Learn more about social media in general and career networks like LinkedIn & Xing.

Also, don’t forget the potential that is already dormant in your company. Your employees may have exciting candidates in their circle of acquaintances. Or perhaps you already have a suitable talent among your employees?

With good employer branding or a strong brand, you may well get good spontaneous applications. When building a talent pool, ask these candidates if you can keep the dossier for a certain period of time for later jobs. This allows you to contact exciting talents directly when new vacancies arise.

Especially with the younger talents, it is worthwhile to be present at trade fairs or even directly at the schools. Certain universities, for example, offer special events to meet future employers.

Admittedly, print media have tended to fade into the background in recent years. Depending on the target group, however, it may be exciting to consider newspapers or, in particular, specific trade journals as a bidding channel.

In addition to being found by applicants, you can also actively approach applicants yourself. Especially on social medias, suitable candidates can be contacted directly and made aware of the job.


Advantages E-Recruitment

The use of E-Recruitment brings many advantages.

  • Job postings are online with just a few clicks.
  • Administrative tasks are minimized.
  • Internal and external communication is faster thanks to templates and centrally via one system.
  • and much more.
  • More efficient processes reduce costs.
  • You can evaluate the quality of the tender channels and thus optimize the budget.
  • Online advertisements reach a large target audience.
  • Digital job postings can be quickly updated and improved as needed.
  • Standardized processes and templates help avoid error.
  • Active task management helps to avoid missing deadlines and keeping the applicant waiting too long.
  • The bottom line is that a high-quality recruiting process also has a positive impact on your employer branding.

Evaluation E-Recruitment Software

In most cases, software is used for the efficient introduction of E-Recruitment. When evaluating a new E-Recruitment software, it is recommended to think about your own requirements beforehand. Our downloadable requirements catalog will support you in this process. Use the free trial accounts with the various providers and find the software that is exactly right for you.

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