E-Recruiting for SMEs

The simple applicant tracking system

What is Dualoo?

Dualoo is the e-recruiting solution for all vocational trainers, HR professionals and recruiters.

All applications, whether by mail, e-mail or online, are stored centrally and you always keep the overview. Dualoo conveniently guides your recruiter team through the entire application process, saving you time and money.

Never enter applications again

Dualoo makes it easy for you to get started with e-recruiting. Jobs can be placed directly on your website, on various job portals or on social media portals. This eliminates the need to enter dossiers and allows you to start recruiting directly.

Dualoo recognizes existing applicants and seamlessly merges the data.

Present everywhere (multiposting)

Post your job ads on all proven job platforms and social media channels with Dualoo’s application link. The applications thus go directly into Dualoo and there is no need for data entry. Dualoo shows you which channels are successful. This allows you to significantly reduce costs when advertising.

Share your job on all social media channels like LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with just one click.

More time for the essentials

We believe that important personnel decisions can only be made by people. Therefore, we save time for you by automating the standardized processes. Take care of the essentials – the people!

Our customers achieve time savings of up to 70%.

Making decisions as a team

Dualoo offers an unbeatable decision-making aid with the matching index. Thereby a ranking of which candidates best match your company’s own criteria is calculated automatically.

Recruiters can invite employees on a selective basis to review or assess a dossier or interview.

For small and large companies

The pricing model is based on the number of employees. This results in transparent and plannable costs. A top recruitment software thus becomes affordable even for the smallest companies.

Customers rely on the #1 applicant tracking system for training companies because Dualoo can map special features of vocational training (such as vocational explorations and trial apprenticeships).

We protect your data as if it were our own

Data protection is the key when dealing with personal data. Dualoo stores your data exclusively on ISO 27001 certified data centers in Switzerland (Zurich & Basel).

The data protection laws of the EU “GDPR” and Switzerland “GDP” are complied with.
Of course, we encrypt all data during transport through the Internet.

This speaks for Dualoo

  • Time saving in administration
  • #1 Applicant management software for training companies

  • Free support (chat, mail, phone)
  • No installation required – get started right away!
  • Swiss Hosting & Data Protection CH & EU
  • Best practice suggestions integrated
  • Test 30 days for free and without obligation
  • Software Made in Switzerland

Test Dualoo 30 days free of charge and without obligation