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Are you looking for a simple and user-friendly tool to advertise your vacancies and organize the entire recruiting process? Dualoo makes it easy for you to get started with e-recruiting. Test for free and start recruiting.

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E-Recruiting mit Dualoo

E-Recruiting in Dualoo

It starts with the job advertisements, which you can create directly in Dualoo. You can publish them on your company’s website with a single mouse click. In addition, the job advertisement can also be posted on external job application portals and social media channels. Thus, all applications are received directly online. This eliminates the need to enter dossiers manually and allows you to start recruiting directly.

e-recruiting software - stellenausschreibung
e-recruiting software - digitale-zentrale-dossierverwaltung

Digital & central dossier management

All applications, regardless of the channel (mail, e-mail, recruitment agent or online) are stored centrally and you always have an overview. All communication with applicants can be found centrally, which simplifies substitutions, for example. Digital dossier management not only saves time, but also complies with current privacy policies (for more information on GDPR and DSG-compliant recruiting, please click here).

Email & Communication

Confirmation of receipt is sent immediately and automatically for all online applications. Further emails to candidates can be sent and of course received directly from Dualoo. Email templates simplify this. Create as many email templates as you like (e.g. for an invitation to a job interview) in addition to the Dualoo best practice templates.

The email function in Dualoo can also be used to send a personalized message to multiple candidates at the same time. This, for example, to reject the remaining candidates after filling a job.

Another additional function is the time-delayed sending of e-mails. This allows you to process incoming applications immediately or cancel them if necessary.

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e-recruiting software - vorselektieren-bewerten

Preselection & rate

The HR department can pre-select the application dossiers according to individual criterias and forward them to the department heads. All ratings flow into a matching index, allowing a ranking – a pre-sorted list of candidates.

Dualoo conveniently guides your recruitment team through the entire application process and simplifies recruitment collaboration.

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