Template for trial apprenticeships – for all companies

Do you offer only a few apprenticeships in your company? Is that why you only sporadically deal with the search for suitable apprentices? Or are you mainly involved in recruiting and supervising employees? Our Excel template for all apprenticeships and industries helps you rating trial apprentices.

To give students an insight into your company and also the apprenticeship profession, you offer trial apprenticeships. This opportunity not only gives the young people an insight, but you also get to know them better. Our criterias, which are specifically adapted for various industries, will help you to capture the impression.

You can not only evaluate students, but also provide qualified and fair feedback. This will not only help the students, but at the same time you can position yourself as a good training company.

Woman receives trial apprenticeship rating

We have the solution for you!

They would like to receive comparable feedback from all the people who supervise the trial apprentice. Our Excel list will help you in a simple and straightforward way.

Your advantages:

  • template for different professions/industries
  • simple feedback / rating from all vocational trainers
  • automatic summary of the ratings
  • simply compare trial apprentices with each other
  • simple Excel list instead of manual notes

Download the template trial apprenticeship now and benefit

trial apprenticeship rating template printscreen