Template apprenticeship contract – for all apprenticeship companies

Congratulations you have found the right apprentices for your company! Then the next step is to draw up the apprenticeship contract.

Download the latest Word template apprenticeship contract here and easily complete the contract electronically in the interactive form. (Source: https://lv.berufsbildung.ch/dyn/1475.aspx)

You can easily save the completed form to your clipboard. Print the contract three times afterwards and have all three copies signed. One copy for the apprentice, one copy for you and your company, and the third copy for the cantonal secondary school and vocational training office.

Woman signs employment contract

Your advantages with this template:

  • template as Word
  • interactive form
  • prepared for automatic creation in Dualoo

General information about the apprenticeship contract:

  • The uniform apprenticeship contract is valid throughout Switzerland for all three- or four-year apprenticeships with federal certification (certificate of proficiency – EFZ) as well as for all two-year basic training courses with a federal diploma (professional certificate – EBA).
  • Unlike the normal employment contract, the apprenticeship contract must be completed in writing.
  • In the Swiss Code of Obligations it is regulated under the “special individual employment contracts”, OR Art. 355 ff.
  • Training companies must have a cantonal education permit.
  • If you have any questions, the cantonal vocational training office can help.

Download easily apprenticeship contract template now

Example of an apprenticeship contract