Remote recruiting

Digitization and E-Recruiting have become indispensable in many HR departments. But would you be ready to handle the entire recruiting process digitally and remotely? Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this question is more urgent than ever.

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What does remote recruiting mean?

What does it even mean to handle the recruiting process remotely? Remote means away or at a distance. For the recruitment it means that candidate and recruiter do not meet personally from the application to the acception or rejection. This can be useful due to local distance or external influences. Or, of course, it may be that the HR department recruits centrally from one location for different locations or countries.

First steps in E-Recruiting

Even before the first steps are taken, a clean evaluation and analysis of the existing application and recruiting process is required.

Important, is to know what steps include a face-to-face meeting with the candidate. In addition, the process steps that have to be executed from the workstation in the company beceause of access authorization must then be analyzed.

The following accesses from anywhere (or at least from home) would have to be guaranteed by the company IT:

  • Access to e-mail (incoming applications)
  • Access to calendar (for internal & candidate appointment coordination)
  • Access to applicant tracking system (if available)
  • Access to data storage

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From in Persona to Digital – Best Practices

Next, all points that cannot (yet) be held digitally are to be revised. Below are some options as digital variants:

  • Interviews:

    • Video interview
    • Phone interview
  • Sharing application files with line managers:

    • Use a applicant tracking system
    • by e-mail (data protection issue)
  • Trial work:

    • Virtual company tour
    • Online tasks
  • Meet the Team:

    • Video conference call
  • :

    • Switch to digital assessment
    • Check alternatives (e.g. personality analysis)
  • Employment contract:

    • Contract signing by means of digital signature
    • Postal route

Measures can be used temporarily or long-term as a substitute for face-to-face contact. However, the measures can of course also be used as a supplement to existing recruiting methods. It can also be an efficiency booster to conduct an initial interview via video and not meet in person until the second interview.

The following companies can also recruit during working from home:

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