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Spontaneous applications allow candidates to contact your HR team in a targeted manner, even if there are currently no or no suitable positions advertised. They do involve a certain amount of effort, but they also allow you to build a talent pool. Find out here what advantages the unsolicited application brings with it.

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Advantages of unsolicited applications from a company’s point of view

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Simple input masks without many mandatory fields enable applicants to apply more quickly, even if no suitable job is advertised. If you receive too many unsolicited applications, you can of course raise the hurdles. You can find more tips and ideas about the application form here.

If an applicant explicitly goes to your homepage and spontaneously applies, the interest in your company is already very high. Candidates thus already identify with your company and your products.

Maybe you don’t have a job posted right now. Without a spontaneous application, you will miss out on good candidates. How annoying when only a few days or weeks later THE job is advertised, but you never came into contact with THE candidate.

Even if there may not be a suitable job advertised at the moment, you can give applicants the opportunity to contact you with a unsolicited application.

This is especially helpful for positions that are difficult to fill or are always in demand. In these cases, you can already draw on an existing candidate pool (see also advantage “Talent pool”).

With a well-structured talent pool, you can contact suitable applicants directly as soon as a corresponding job is advertised. You thus increase the chance of finding a qualified candidate. You can also reduce tender costs.

Even if there is no option for unsolicited applications on the homepage, these are often submitted directly via another specified mail address (e.g. info@). This not only causes you more effort until the application lands with you in HR , but also increases the risk of not acting in data protection compliant.

If you do not offer candidates the opportunity to blind applications, you will most likely still receive applications to generic email addresses. Thanks to the use of applicant management systems, you can easily keep track of unsolicited applications. You save manual data entry effort and benefit from templates.

Practical example speculative application – recurring jobs

Do you often post jobs with a similar profile? Here it is worthwhile to offer spontaneous applications and, if necessary, to differentiate already according to subject matter. As a result, an initial triage is already performed when application receipt.

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