6.5 years after the foundation we dare the next step: Dual Education GmbH was transformed into Dualoo AG. The name of our E-Recruiting software “Dualoo”, which is completely natural for our customers, will now also become the company name.

Simplicity, security and professionalism are values to which the whole Dualoo team is committed. We are proud to have gained a foothold with our brand “Dualoo” and to present you our new company name Dualoo AG

A good time to reminisce a little bit…. Therefore, in the picture gallery there are not only photos of the notary signing for the conversion to the AG, but also images of the foundation. Not only have we changed a bit, but a lot of other things have happened as well:

  • from 3 founders to a strong team with 8 people
  • from the first 3 customers in 2015 to well over 100
  • from software exclusively for the recruitment of apprentices to fully comprehensive applicant management
  • from the manual capture of applications to the digitalized E-Recruiting solution
  • from homeworking to external office space
  • …and now from the GmbH to AG

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