Multiposting: publish job postings easily

With Multichannel Job Posting, or multiposting for short, your job postings are advertised on various channels and social media with one click. What are the advantages and what should be considered?

  • Definition Multichannel Job Posting

  • Advantages multiposting

  • Analysis of job markets and channels

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What is multiposting?

With each new job posting, the ad is advertised on various channels. Possible channels include the company’s own homepage, intranet, various job markets, search engines, social medias or print media. The extended idea of multiposting is to post the job advertisement on as many channels as possible at the same time after it has been entered only once. This is already partly integrated in recruiting software. Alternatively, this can be supplemented with specialized multiposting-software.

Market leader

Solique and Prospective are among the best-known multiposting providers in Switzerland. With their products “JobBooster” and “Solique recruiter”, the two companies offer the possibility to publish a job advertisement worldwide in various print, online and social media with just a few clicks.

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Advantages of multiposting

The use of various channels increases the reach of the advertisement. Consequently, you reach more potential applicants. Multiposting greatly reduces the amount of data entry required, as you can publish your ad in different channels with a single click. This saves you the effort of logging into each individual job board, create your job posting and publishing it. Simultaneous placement on various channels is also usually cheaper than placing several individual ads.

Before: Analysis of job markets and other channels

evaluation multiposting

Despite the possibility of relatively easy posting on many channels, you should think about your target audience. What channels do your potential applicants use to search? So:

  • Channel quality: How well does the channel fit your target group?
  • Reach of the channels: Are you reaching your target audience with this channel?

Likewise, consider the possibilities of the many social media channels. Do you want to focus on professional networks like Linkedin and Xing? Or should the general social medias like Facebook or Instagram also be considered? In most cases, posts can either be placed in the feed for free or for a fee on the separate job markets of the social medias.

Based on your research, you can narrow down the selection of channels, if necessary, and save money.

Afterwards: Evaluate results

Once the job has been filled, it is important to evaluate the channels used. Based on this, you can adjust the selection for future job postings if necessary.

Applications per channel

How many applications were received per channel? In other words, how did applicants become aware of your vacancy? If necessary, you can also identify differences in different jobs or professions and thus advertise more efficiently.

Cost-benefit ratio

Compare the cost of advertising in the channels with the applications received. Pay attention not only to the number of applications received but also to the quality. So where did the candidates I hire at the end come from?

Applicant quality per channel

Can statements be made about the quality of applications per channel? Are e.g. received a majority of applications via channel X that did not fit the profile and received a rejection directly? Or were there channels where many candidates made it to the second or even third round?

Use Dualoo’s multiposting and optionally extend it with multiposting software.

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