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Whether you are looking for a certain topic, recipes or flights. Chances are, Google Search is one of your first ports of call. With “Google for Jobs”, job advertusenebts can now also be found directly on Google. Do you want your vacancies to show up on Google too? Register now and test directly.

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What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is not Google’s own job portal or job board where you can post job ads, but it is a new feature in Google Search. Google searches all company websites and job application portals for jobs and displays them as search results in a separate box, the Google Job Search. There you can see the relevant information of the job directly. In addition, the candidate can supplement the search with further search criteria as filters, such as distance to the workplace, etc.

According to recent studies, 80% of job seekers already use the Internet as their first port of call. With this search function from Google, this will be even easier in the future, as it will not be necessary to search through a wide variety of job application portals, but the Google search will directly display the suitable job. At the same time, it offers companies the great advantage that this new feature from Google is absolutely free.

Google for Jobs sample search

How will your job be found by Google for Jobs?

In order for Google for Jobs to find your job ad, i.e. for your ad to be displayed in the search results, it must meet a number of criteria. The following criteria are mandatory and have to be prepared especially for Google. With the optional criteria, you also ensure better visibility of the job advertisement in Google. All of Google’s criterias and guidelines can also be found at this link.

Tips & Tricks

To avoid additional effort for you as a recruiter to meet the required criterias and HTML formats of Google, applicant tracking systems help.

Dualoo not only meets these criteria, but also complies with the required technical and qualitative guidelines of Google, so that your job advertisement is found by Google. With one click, job seekers can find your jobs not only in the career portal on your company website, but also on Google as a job advertised.

If you also want to advertise your jobs on other job boards and job portals, make sure that they have also prepared for Google for Jobs, so that you can ensure a higher visibility of your job ad.

With the evaluations in Dualoo, you can see how many applications you have received via which channel (company website, job platforms, social media or Google for Jobs). This allows easy verification of the success of the free job advertisements and thus reduce the advertising costs.

Must criteria

  • Job title
  • job description
  • Publication date
  • Company
  • Location
  • End of the application deadline

Could criteria

  • Wage presentation
  • Employment level
  • Location for teleworking/home office
  • Specification if only telework

Is Google for Jobs available in Switzerland?

In many countries, this function has already been available for some time, and now, after Germany, the job search in Switzerland is also to be made easier. In Switzerland, the last beta test ran in the last few months and the Google job search is thus already available for a subgroup. It has been available to all users since Sept. 10, 2019, and will thus turn the job search on its head in Switzerland as well. Be ready and use the opportunity for your recruiting and to further improve the searchability of your jobs.

Google for Jobs job overview

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