Customize application form for the job

An application form allows you to collect the most important data from the candidates and request the necessary documents. Find out here what all there is to consider when it comes to application forms.

  • Advantages application form

  • Compare applicants more easily

  • Minimize acquisition effort

  • Attention: 1st point of attack for hackers

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Advantages application form

You determine what information is required from the applicants. In addition to application documents and personal details, information for evaluations can also be requested. For example, the quality of job platforms can be evaluated. With most E-Recruiting softwares, this information is stored directly in the background.

Define whether the fields are mandatory or voluntary. This saves you the hassle of obtaining missing documents. At the same time, you can use it to define the hurdle for an application. The more information is mandatory the less applications and vice versa.

If the application form is directly linked to the recruiting software, the application no longer has to be entered manually, but automatically ends up in the software. In addition, the responsible recruiter is informed directly and can view the application immediately.

You can request the same predefined information from each applicant. This increases the overview and makes it easier for you to compare the candidates. It also gives you the possibility to define placeholders and use personalized templates for letters or mails.

Attention: 1st point of attack for “hackers”

In the case of a form on the homepage, the data entered and especially the documents are usually transferred 1:1 to the destination within the company. Cybercriminals use this as a gateway. Therefore, think about what is allowed in this form. The following points can reduce the risk of an attack:

  • No upload of Word or Excel files
    It is easier to install malicious malware in these file formats. PDF files are more secure.
  • Do not allow unsafe links
    Scan text fields for dangerous link
  • Set up virus scanner
  • Embed Captcha
    These are tests to distinguish between robots and humans. Typical example: Select all images with traffic lights.
  • Increase the awareness from the recruiters
    Caution is advised when dealing with unknown file formats or cryptic titles and it is recommended not to open these files.

Security application form


One-click application, curriculum vitae parsing and multilingual application forms

Do you also advertise your jobs in French or Italian-speaking Switzerland or even worldwide? In this case, the form should definitely offer the possibility to publish it in different languages. If it is possible to switch between the different languages with just a few clicks, this saves a lot of time and translation effort.

Another feature that is being seen more and more often are one-click applications. Applicants can transfer their data directly from social medias such as LinkedIn or Xing into the form. With the ever-increasing demand for skilled workers, it is important to make it as easy as possible for applicants. Curriculum vitae parsing makes a similar thing possible. After uploading the CV, the most important data is automatically filled into the form.

Are you not receiving enough applications for a job?

An application form allows you to raise or lower the hurdle to apply. Some of the most important adjusting screws are listed below:

  • Number of fields / information requested
    E.g. ask for driver’s license only if relevant to the job
  • Number of mandatory fields
  • Letter of motivation / cover letter
    Many job seekers cite writing the cover letter as the biggest hurdle.
  • Application photo as separate attachments
  • Application video use
    Depending on the job profile, a short video may be useful. Attention: However, many candidates shy away from it and it means a big hurdle.
  • Generally the number of required documents

You will receive more applications if you keep the number of fields asked low. Request address information and a CV only. After an initial review, you can still obtain further information.

If you expect a lot of applications fora job, you can also set the hurdles higher with the previously mentioned points. This already results in an initial selection: You find out whether the candidates are willing to put in a certain amount of effort for the job or not.

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