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With Dualoo, you digitize your HR processes easily and conveniently. Deposit your application process. Dualoo helps you complete tasks and reminds you when you miss something.

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Individual application process

In Dualoo it is possible to store an individually tailored application process. Thus, for each job type (apprenticeship, internship or employee position) and for each job posting, you have the right process steps such as interviews or trial apprenticeships in the desired order. To help you get started with our software, we have provided a best-practice process for you.

Application process customizable in Dualoo settings

Process steps for employee recruitment

  • Application receipt (preselection & forwarding)

  • Video / telephone interview

  • Interview

  • Trial work / Meet the team

  • Personality analysis / assessment

  • Acception / Rejection

  • and much more.

Process steps for apprentice recruitment

  • Visiting fairs (e.g. career fairs)

  • Information events

  • Career exploration (before main application)

  • Application receipt (preselection & forwarding)

  • Interview

  • Trial Apprenticeship / Meet the Team

  • Personality analysis

  • Acception / Rejection

  • and much more.

Correspondence application

Own correspondences

Any correspondence (letters or mails) can be generated easily and individually with Dualoo. Placeholders can be used to personalize them (e.g. Dear Max).

Best practice templates for various mails and letters such as application confirmations, invitations to interviews or trial apprenticeships are already integrated upon registration. You can supplement the templates with individual texts, your logo and corporate design.

Mails are then sent directly from the software. Letter correspondence is created in Microsoft Office Word. Your existing letter templates can thus be easily imported.

Rating system

Each process step can be evaluated by different line managers, employees or vocational trainers. This gives a clear overall picture of a candidate’s performance. As a recruiter, you always have an overview of which candidates still have open ratings.

The evaluation criteria can be defined by yourself. For a quick start with Dualoo, we provide you with a possible selection of criterias.

All submitted ratings are included in an overall rating per candidate (so-called matching index). This allows you to quickly sort by your top candidates.

Rating scheme Dualoo

Test Dualoo 30 days free of charge and without obligation