applicant management software for SMEs and training companies

With Dualoo, your applicant management is simplified, digitized and thus professionalized. We support you in finding the right talents for your company.

  • Always keep the overview

  • Simple and intuitive to use

  • Online applications via various channels

  • Data stored in Switzerland

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Job overview

In the job overview, all open job postings are immediately visible. This summary of information helps you to monitor and optimally control your recruiting activities and processes.

Not only can you assign primary responsibility for a job posting, but you also see applications received or acceptions already made.

In addition to the advertising channels used, you can also simply display the number of applications per channel.

applicant management job overview Dualoo

applicant management overview Dualoo

Applicants overview

In the applicants overview you can see all candidates and easily keep track of them. At a glance you can see

  • Date of last editing
  • Open processing steps in the process
  • Rating of the individual steps using a classic traffic light system
  • Matching index (%) based on all ratings given so far
  • Responsible person

With the help of the intelligent filter logic, you can easily filter out the candidates that are relevant for you and compare them with each other. Dualoo’s duplicate detection makes multiple applications quickly apparent.

Candidate dossier

In the candidate dossier you will find all information about the applicant. Here you can centrally store the application documents or further information about the candidate.

All actions are presented in the form of a complete and transparent applicant history. This also includes the mails sent. Substitution is thus greatly simplified.

The individual application steps are clearly embedded in the timeline and the rating of each application step is also visible by means of coloring.

Applicant management dossier view Dualoo

Dualoo applicant tracking system is used at:

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