Dualoo is climate neutral

Sustainability and climate protection are of great concern to us. WE LIVE RESPONSIBILITY we say in our mission statement and we mean it!
We are aware that we must treat our environment with care. For this reason, since our company was founded, we have focused on ambitious measures to reduce the footprint of our company and our products. Since March 2020, we have been operating in a completely CO2-neutral manner and have assumed our responsibility towards future generations.

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Prevent & reduce CO2 emissions

The most important aspect of our sustainability strategy is to prevent the generation of CO2 or at least to reduce it to a minimum.

To achieve this, we rely on the following measures:

  • We reduce travel and use home-working
  • We use coworking spaces
  • We use green electricity in our own premises
  • We rely on public transport
  • We are a paperless company
  • We use company cars with a particularly low consumption
  • We have digitized our sales and do webinars instead of customer visits

Compensate CO2 emissions

We want to compensate for the CO2 emissions that arise despite our measures so that our company as a whole is climate-neutral.

So the first question was, how much CO2 do we produce? For this calculation we found a good tool from the foundation myclimate, Zurich. They not only offer private individuals to calculate the CO2 emissions for a flight or the household. But also the CO2 emissions of a company can be calculated. In our case, the CO2 emissions amount to 7.8 tons.

Next, we looked for different institutions and projects and defined our decision criteria. For example, we defined as a criterion that we wanted to compensate the CO2 emissions caused by us in a project in Switzerland and that we only want to invest in projects that have been certified by an independent party.

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